Ideas for Your Visit

  • A Vertical City

    A Vertical City

    When walking from the sea and the coast to the centre, everyone says that Genoa is a city that slopes uphill. Tortuous creuze, or lanes, and ancient mule tracks wind
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  • The Caruggi

    The Caruggi

    “I wandered for a long time at hazard through the tortuous by-ways of the city, I said to myself, not without an accent of private triumph, that here at last
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  • The Rolli

    The Rolli

    The hundred-year period between 1550 and 1650 is known as Genoa's Golden Age. Huge wealth and large families were the main drivers behind substantial change in the city, on a
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  • The Baroque

    The Baroque

    Gold. Colour. Movement. Everything surrounds you, making you feel dizzy. How is it possible that in a city like this, a port, a merchant town where stone rules supreme, you
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  • Portofino


    The first impression you get of the small village of Portofino when you arrive by boat is a crescent-shaped row of houses facing the sea. Coming into the small port
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  • Camogli S. Fruttuoso

    Camogli S. Fruttuoso

    When you enter the port of Camogli by boat, you feel like you've arrived somewhere special. The rocks that rise up in front of the castle start telling you stories
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  • Art Nouveau

    Art Nouveau

    When you leave Genoa's historic centre, you are immediately thrust into another city. A different, modern city, built in the late 19th and early 20th century. The city began to
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  • The Riviera

    The Riviera

    In this part of Liguria even the sea is vertical: the overhanging rocks look like they're falling into the water. The passageways are narrow: stone steps are hewn into the
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  • The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages

    The ravages of time can be seen in Genoa's stones. A major revolution modernised the city, with wide streets and large buildings. But the distant Middle Ages are always present.
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"Let your adventurous spirit always lead you on to discover the world that surrounds you, with all its oddities and its wonders. Once you discover it, you will love it". Kahlil Gibran

I often ponder what I would like to visit and discover in my city and the Riviera if I were a traveller, but then I stop myself! I am not a tourist in my city, I am the guide; and I don't recommend places and itineraries, but instead suggest ideas, perceptions and sensations.

Your visit will be shaped around your interests, your personality and your tastes.

Are you stopping off on a cruise ship or yacht, or arriving by plane, train or car? Are you staying for several days or just a few hours?

How much information do you want? Do you tend to wander or follow a precise schedule? Do you prefer to walk, linger or hurry?

Tell me about you, and together we will decide what to discover and how.

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Did You Know?

Golden Galleries

Golden Galleries

In the 18th century, certain rooms in the city’s aristocratic dwellings were modified and redecorated in a Fre...

The Queen of Genoa

The Queen of Genoa

The Republic of Genoa had a Queen. In 1637 the Virgin Mary was crowned Queen of Genoa. This all stemmed from ...

Red and Black

Red and Black

The house numbering system in Genoa is a true mystery. The city is a labyrinth, confusing and difficult to na...

On Two Wheels

On Two Wheels

Genoa has more motorbikes per inhabitant than any other Italian city: around 230 for every 1000 residents. He...

Something Special

Genoa by Night

Genoa by Night

When night falls, the city changes. Dark shadows loom over the ornate façades of the aristocratic palazzi and the marble of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Voices soften, and you start to...

Historic Shops

Historic Shops

Shopping in Genoa gives you a unique feeling of going back in time. In the city centre you can buy all sorts of products in beautiful shops that are still family-owned, as they have been fo...

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno

Staglieno is the most important monumental cemetery in Europe, a place where the stone portraits show a cross-section of Genoese upper-class society. The magnificent sculptures depict histo...

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"Let your adventurous spirit always lead you on to discover the world that surrounds you, with all its oddities and its wonders. Once you discover it, you will love it."

Kahlil Gibran 


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