The Riviera

In this part of Liguria even the sea is vertical: the overhanging rocks look like they're falling into the water. The passageways are narrow: stone steps are hewn into the rocks, taking you down to touch the sea before rising again.
On windy days, the strong, high waves invade the road, momentarily conquering prohibited spaces. The jetties cannot entirely protect the small ports from the strength of the Libeccio wind.
Small railway stations can be glimpsed halfway up the hillside.
The train passes through the villages, winding through the houses, the balconies and the hung-out washing. A long strip between the sea and the mountains connects the villages, and continues on to the larger towns: this is Via Aurelia, a tortuous road with breathtaking panoramic views. Houses are scattered across the hill, and a bell tower emerges from the green of the woods: its peal is echoed by another bell, which stands out high above the coast.
Here the apses of the churches, whose walls helped to defend against Saracen invasions, are now pummelled when the Libeccio wind picks up.
Small fishermen's houses are clustered together in pastel-coloured heaps.

Life in the villages is peaceful, relaxed and almost lazy, dictated by the seasons.


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